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Backpacking in China: with a big belly you can do anything

Apparently Buddha once said: "with a big belly you can withstand anything". China must be then preparing for World war three.

Unlike its neighbors - Korea, Japan, and partly Singapore - in China they are not exactly obsessed by the western standard of beauty. Chinese men are growing their bellies and are proud of it. Similarly girls don't exactly watch their weight. You will find the "alpha" males promenading on the main shopping streets of big cities with a shirt unveiling their round shapes - they have grown the belly and cared for it for years.

Pose superman

The fact that big belly is a beauty standard doesn't strike me though. It's been only 50 years since the great famine; 30 million people starved to death back then. They now reached the period when they can actually afford to eat generously. It makes sense.

Actually, I suspect that it's also the reason why they always underguessed my age while in any other Asian country I looked older than my actual age ; at my age guys are expected to be much fatter.

But they would really be a subject of laughter if they ever did this in Europe.

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