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Nike Free: comfortable shoes for everything

When I was leaving a year ago to Asia, I hesitated what shoes I should take with me. I own some good hiking shoes, I do have some nice city sneakers, I had a pair of running shoes. Yet, it's just way too heavy. I left with a pair of new Nike Free 5.0 Run—the Breathe edition. Let me praise them a bit in a short review after the great service they offered on my travels.

The shoes went through hell. And they still hold together, kind of :-). I wore them in the snow of winter South Korea, walked in them through South East Asia, Australia, China, India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, and Balkans. And believe me, I walk a lot—I am the kind of guy who can walk from the airport just for the sake of it even if the Tuk Tuk costs 1 Euro. I just love it, it offers different perspective when you travel and when you have enough time(but that is a topic for different time).

Nike Free Run 5.0 review

I wore them to work and to classes, I ran in them every second day when in Korea and Singapore. They served well on some pretty extreme climbs including Mount Kinabalu—over 2000 meters up and down climb in a day; also on three day hike along the Great Wall of China with 15 kilo baggage; or couple of climbs up to 5000 in Tibet. 

But, WHY?! They just feel like they are not there. It is incredible. 

The Breathe version was particularly useful in hot countries. It's like sandals, just your feet are covered. [The socks don't smell so much. :-P  ] On the other hand, it's not very useful in sandy places like a desert. You must empty them all the time.

I bought myself one more pair—now when I am staying at one place one I use for running and hiking and second I wear to the lab lab.

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