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Run! Run away from the zombies!

It's cold and dark night. I hurry through the empty streets of the city. The shadows are long and impenetrable, anything could be hiding there. I hear screaming from far far away—it is scary but I keep my pace.

All of the sudden, my radio chokes with strange sounds. And I hear it: "Aaaargh! Uaaah!" That is from zombies, the fast ones and they seem they noticed me. I immediately speed up, I turn right to confuse them. And finally I get the radio signal: "There are 10 zombs like hundred meters behind you."

My heart is pounding, I do not pay attention to the surrounding. I even don't notice the dead body lying on the bench. The adrenalin is high. "They are just 40 meters away. Don't look behind, just run!" the radio screams. I try to get the most out of me, I don't feel my legs getting numb. I turn left and run through the narrow street, then I go to the right. It realize only couple streets later that I lost them.

"Good job, come home today!" finally sounds from the radio.

This is not a story from a movie or from a video game like Fallout. This is a training app using gamification to motivate you running. For one hour three times a week, I immerse into the world hit by terrible epidemic. It is the world where you must run to be safe, to feed yourself, to live. You follow a story of an anonymous runner with ambiguous intentions and uncover the relations in town called Abel. You meet different people and you hear different conversations.

Actually, (unfortunately?) the only way you interact is through your pace. They do not force you to change a direction or whatever. Only once in a while you are chased by zombies, and you must really pick up a pace to run away. Often you are rewarded for running by finding some nice items along the way.

I love it—it is just awesome! I haven't missed any of my runs in past two and half months and I improved my pace by the whole minute.

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