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About me

I am an explorer and robotics engineer. I am building rovers and zero gravity machines for ESA.

Currently at GMV we are preparing a field test for European Space Agency emulating operations of a rover at Lunar South Pole. The activity is called LUCID.

Zero gravity machines

I was an intern at Automation and Robotics group at European Space Research and Technological Center in Netherlands. I built a novel robotic system to emulate zero gravity on the ground. I presented the platform at iSAIRAS 2016 in Beijing, China; the [paper] describes the platform in detail. 


I received Master's degree at Czech Technical University in the field of control systems. I was a proud member of AA4CC—an academic research group at Department of Control Engineering. I also studied at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.


In my thesis I built optoelectronic tweezersa laboratory platform where light shapes electric field. I also worked on lensless sensor for tracking of microscopic objects. I used lensless holography for estimating position in 3rd dimension. Download the thesis [PDF] .

Other Projects


Photo by Fernando Gandía during LUCID field test, curtesy of ESA