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A persistent desire to live

I was small. In fact, I was a midget. My world was composed of two objects – one pair of huge breasts and a flat my family lived in during the time. The flat was also big but not that impressive. And I was ready to conquer this world.

As I had grown up, this world built from those two very important things had gradually shrunk. Every square inch was thoroughly explored and conquered by the time I discovered that, in fact, there are other flats and long streets outside. Not just my mother's boobs and that tiny flat. Everything I knew collapsed. But I was so happy! There was suddenly much more to discover!

There were even other women with boobs – that was particularly confusing. So I started again; I ventured into this new world to find its secrets. But then I was told that there are other towns and even bigger cities. And billions of women with breasts!

I didn't believe them. I almost conquered the world and I was sure it just was not possible.

Yet, they were right. So I had and I still have a world to conquer. My name is Jakub and I am going to be an astronaut.

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