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Across Sierra de Guadarrama

I was standing still, the mountain goats blend with the rocks so I noticed them only 10 meters. They seemed startled but didn't seem like moving. I guess they didn't want to give up the warm spot on sun. You don't meet wild hoard every day so I pulled up  my camera and was getting closer...

Wild goats

If you are in Madrid you mustn't miss trip up to the peaks of Sierra de Guadarrama. It takes you high above the Meseta Central, the central plateau of Spain. This beautiful route takes you directly across the mountain range to altitude of almost 2500 meters, the distance is around 25 km and you will ascend around 2000 meters. The difficulty is from easy to medium and you will find plenty of hikers around you. It is perfect for a trail run!

Public transport

It is so easy to get there. I took bus 725 (get on at Plaza Castilla) to Misaflores and there I started the hike. The way back was in comfort of train. There is Cercanias station at Puerto Navacerrada. C9 line takes you to Cercendilla and from there other train C8 line goes to Madrid. Just be careful, the train is not regular so it is better to check the times!

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