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Backpacking in China: let's invade Scotland

The recent fuss about referendum deciding Scottish independence reminded me a discussion I happened to have with a random younger Chinese guy on a train from Chengdu to Xi'an about contemporary political issues. It was the most curious discussion.

Why is that? You must know that it's incredibly hard to get a Chinese speak about politics and about their political opinions. Really. They just pretend not to understand or they quickly run away.

Our conversation turned from world wars and separation of Czechoslovakia to Scotland. After explaining him what is actually a referendum he finally noted something in a sense : "But UK will send there their army if the referendum went through, right?"

I only gasped.

He was not joking. In fact, he was very perplexed when I tried to explain that we don't do things in Europe this way anymore.

My realization that shift of influence from USA towards China will mean much more than it seems made me speechless. It will be gradual, yes. We might not even notice. But it will drive the history. This is the way how China handled the independence of Tibet. I did experience it from the first hand and it is very distant to what I would call democratic..

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