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From Europe to Asia or reverse for minimal price and with maximum experience

When travelling to Asia, flight is still the major expense. Unless you find special offer ahead of time you often still often end up paying around €700 for a direct flight. Moreover to fly only in one way is even less economical. So how to maximize what you get from your buck spent on transpor to China, Australia, or Southeast Asia? Try my way.

The only thing what you need is time. (that's unfortunately not always that abundantly available)

I am coming to an end of the ultimate journey from a year spent around Asia and Australia. On my way from Beijing I stopped in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Dubai, and now I'm traveling around Balkans. Ironically I spent for transportation less than €500 which is roughly the cost for the one way flight from Beijing to Prague booked 4 months in advance. Moreover I'm traveling with a big luggage. If I optimized for this I would probably save other €150. Also I booked half of the flights at the last moment. It all could have been even cheaper.

Europe to Sri Lanka: €160
Europe to Kuala Lumpur : €200

The trick is in getting to Dubai. Convenient low-cost connection is provided by Wizz air from Sofia and Budapest. Then, Dubai is extremely well connected to India as there is lots of expats from India living in Dubai. There is now quite new low cost provider Flydubai in addition to number of Indian low-costs. And from here it's easy to get to Kuala Lumpur which is the hub for AirAsia. In my opinion the best low-cost airlines connecting basically the whole Asia and also Australia.


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