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From the Internet to moral decline of civilization

I happend to be on interesting talk given by Patrik Zandl, front Czech internet journalist, writer and bussinesman. Patrik's speech was highly amusing although he was "just" describing his life. For the majority of other people I would leave at once because usually one tend to be too cofident about his own life experience. Patrik's curriculum is certaintly interesting but what intrigued me the most was his "excursion" to the history. 

Of course there is nothing new about connecting the decline of Rome with decline of morals and its comparison with nowdays crisis (undoubtly caused by lack of morals). What's interesting, he was already the third presenter in Enterpreteurs club who actually emphasized on the imporatance of keeping to your morals. It is like the only thing you can count on on your deathbed.

Important is to note that everyone has got his morals shifted to different level. There is, of course, one general notion what is right and what is wrong. But what varies is the desire or the inner voice which says "this is wrong but...".

Generally moral codes allow us to live all together. It actually has allowed us to become human. 

 Wellknown czech proverb says "What you don't steel, you are steeling from you family." . Bribing  - nowdays everyone can see it and noone can do anything about that. Or can he? The bad thing is that more it will become everyday wellknown procedure, it becomes too normal for more people. Once we won't be able to step out of a house without pile of full envelopes. The question is, can it actually twist or are we too far?

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