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Highway to Tibet: dancing with dogs

I was hunted. Dogs encircled me, it was six of them and they were pretty angry. Those were no ordinary town dogs afraid of each movement, these dogs were bread in the wild, they knew how to hunt, they worked as a group. I didn't dare to throw rocks anymore, it made them even more aggressive. There was no way to go.

I realized it is not fun anymore, but my brain refused to think. I have never been that scared. 

I started to move uphill, only a step by step, towards a fence made of barbed wire seperating huge grass fields of the mountain. The pack moved with me, each bark was like a bullet and the dogs were machine guns. I moved a bit faster. None of the dogs went for attack, they maybe didn't want to eat me. It felt like an hour to reach the fence. I jumped scraching my hand by the barbed wire. It was time to run.

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