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Highway to Tibet: rough life on top of the clouds

I reached 4500 meters after a half day hike. Yet, I still would be able to look up and see the mountain emerging to the sky only if I wasn't completely immersed in clouds. I was alone, or at least I believed that. Huge hawk emerged from the mist of the clouds above to remind me that I am never alone. I must have reassured myself: "I am too big for him."

After descending few meters, the mist finally revealed two glacier lakes. The view was striking. Millions of yellow flowers surrounded the lake.  They looked like towers guarding  the precious lakes or like water fairies dancing their mourning dance.

I haven't yet contemplated the impossibility of the view when I noticed a movement in the corner of my eye. I completely froze. I couldn't help it, my brain was about to explode. I wanted yell, I wanted scream. Silent and blunt "Oh my god!" did the job. Ten "wild" horses appeared like an apparition from the mist.  For a while I believed  I must be dreaming,  it was that unreal. 

They were gone as quickly as they appeared.  The impenetrable mist swallowed  them on the horizon. Ten minutes later,  a lonely rider appeared; obviously he was tracking them. No words,  just a short nod, and he was gone where the horses ran before.

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