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Les voyages forment la jeunesse, a dit un sage, mais ils déforment les chapeaux.

Travels broadens the mind, said a wise, but they deform hats.  

Alphonse de Lamartine


Requiem in Prague

I must compliment how well the flood situation during these days was handled here in Prague. The flood protection works well, it obviously helped to stop the water spread into the center by the surface. Moreover it is great attraction for some tourist, particularly the Koreans :-). Though, I am curiuos wheter there is some damage to the Charles bridge. The islands (in particular Kampa) are completely under water. I hope it won't be an obstackle for the United Islands festival which starts only in two weeks! More >

Highlights from ICRA #4 - Baxter

This year's ICRA brought some quality plenary talks. I want to specially highlight the one by Rodney Brooks. It made me think about the state of art in manufacturing. More >

Highlight from ICRA #3 - Segway climbing stairs

I can't believe no one thought about this before folks from Hiroshima university. This enable all the wheel robots access places not accessible for disabled people :). Simple idea, interesting to model, probably more complicated to carry out. More >

Aukro a jeho program ochrany kupujících - pozitivní zkušenost

Začátkem tohoto roku jsem se poprvé spálil při nákupu v aukcích.  Nakupování z Číny na ebayi mě otrkalo tak, že jsem už ani nepřemýšlel, jestli mám platit předem nebo si něco posílat na dobírku.  More >

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