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Highlight from ICRA 2013 #2 - Dynamic vision sensor

Vast number of application could have dynamic vision sensor technology developed at ETH in Zurich. It takes completely different approach than we know from CCD, CMOS as it senses only changes in image, similarly to the human eye. In my opinion, this could be total game changer in the field of photosensors!

Higlight from ICRA 2013 #1

There was like zillion quadrocopters at ICRA. While not many of them were really special, there was something compelling about this solution. This amphibian can not only fly but also run around on the ground! More >

The state of the art in control engineering

Very nice and effective presentation (as well as informative) of control engineering from Raffaello D'Andrea, ETH professor. More >

Shortly on online learning [updated]

During 90s there was a vision to commence online courses. During the time such idea wasn't really feasible as the most common connection was 56 kbit/s modems. They must have used only texts. However, only 20 years later, i.e. today, the situation totally turned. Nowadays, with 35% of population connected to the Internet and growing penetration of fast connection, we should really rethink the situation in education. More >

Minimalism, National Theatre, Čapek and Wilson

Star cast, minimalist scene, Čapek's never aging "Věc Makropulos"(The Makropoulos Case)- all brought by Robert Wilson on the stage of National Theatre. More >

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