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Must see in Seoul - capital of South Korea

I must write I have walked in streets of the city for months and haven't got bored yet. I loved to explore the city this way. But for not small number of those who stops in Seoul just for a day or two, or three, or four... I have put together short list of facts, tips and must sees in Seoul. I gathered these during time I was 'priviliged' to live in capital of South Korea. More >

Korean shows in Seoul - Jump vs. Nanta

There are two major evening shows. Although lately targeted on tourists it is great fun and best way to discover Korean showbiz and amusement. More >

Mount Bukak and Seoul fortress

Seoul is wonderful and always-wake-up  city but sometimes it is better to leave bustle of the city. Once I arrived to Seoul I was determined I must climb on one of these "fang" mountains. If you like hiking and nice views I recommend this trip as the number one what to do in Seoul.    More >

Korean toilets

One surprising thing I came across here in South Korea were the toilets. Even your "ass" should feel like in silk! More >

Nanta show - Seoul's cooking spectacle

Are you attracted by Korean entertainment? If someone described it to you as cookery show you probably would imagine something veery different. Sure thing is, you won't eat much. What is Nanta? More >

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