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EastarJet - airolines review - flight ZE602 from Tokyo to Seoul

Air connection between Tokyo Narita and Seoul Incheon can get very expensive. One way flight on kayak.com is about $400. EastarJet offers cheap alternative but at the moment information provided is very ambiguos.  More >

Norwegian - future standard for airlines in Europe?

My first time being online from European air space. More >

From the Internet to moral decline of civilization

I happend to be on interesting talk given by Patrik Zandl, front Czech internet journalist, writer and bussinesman. Patrik's speech was highly amusing although he was "just" describing his life. For the majority of other people I would leave at once because usually one tend to be too cofident about his own life experience. Patrik's curriculum is certaintly interesting but what intrigued me the most was his "excursion" to the history.  More >

A persistent desire to live

I was small, in fact I was a midget; my world was composed of two objects – one pair of huge breasts and a flat my family lived in during the time. The flat was also big but not that impressive. And I was ready to conquer this world. More >

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