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Run! Run away from the zombies!

It's cold and dark night. I hurry through the empty streets of the city. The shadows are long and impenetrable, anything could be hiding there. I hear screaming from far far away—it is scary but I keep my pace.

All of the sudden, my radio chokes with strange sounds. And I hear it: "Aaaargh! Uaaah!" That is from zombies, the fast ones and they seem they noticed me. I immediately speed up, I turn right to confuse them. And finally I get the radio signal: "There are 10 zombs like hundred meters behind you."

My heart is pounding, I do not pay attention to the surrounding. I even don't notice the dead body lying on the bench. The adrenalin is high. "They are just 40 meters away. Don't look behind, just run!" the radio screams. I try to get the most out of me, I don't feel my legs getting numb. I turn left and run through the narrow street, then I go to the right. It realize only couple streets later that I lost them.

"Good job, come home today!" finally sounds from the radio. More >

Nike Free: comfortable shoes for everything

When I was leaving a year ago to Asia, I hesitated what shoes I should take with me. I own some good hiking shoes, I do have some nice city sneakers, I had a pair of running shoes. Yet, it's just way too heavy. I left with a pair of new Nike Free 5.0 Runthe Breathe edition. Let me praise them a bit in a short review after the great service they offered on my travels. More >

Don Giovanni in National Theater in Prague

On 29 October 1787, 227 years ago, Mozart conducted the premier of Don Giovanni on the very same stage of Stavovské theatre I saw —in new, modern coat. And it was brilliant. More >

Two months in China

China has one of the most peculiar cultures I came across in my life. I came to China after a year of living and travelling in Asia with some idea what I can expect. Honestly I haven't been so surprised neither after coming to India nor Burma; and believe me that was some culture shock.  More >

Backpacking in China: with a big belly you can do anything

Apparently Buddha once said: "with a big belly you can withstand anything". China must be then preparing for World war three.

Pose superman
More >

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