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Hiking along Three Gorges of Yangtze: practical information

Three Gorges of Yangtze is listed among one of the best hikes in China. Yet, as most of the people opt for a cruise for convenience to experience this brilliant part of the nature there is so few information in English. Let me share my experience from June 2014.  More >

Backpacking in China: when tourism is a luxury good

I came to China totally unprepared. I had no knowledge of Mandarin, I just knew I want to go west. I did the same for India and the trip turned out great. Well, I was overly confident after that trip; so far it was totally different level of travelling. But it has been incredible fun and a huge adventure! More >

Chicken's on sale

They like their meat fresh here. No freezers, from a tree directly to mouth.

Buying chickens
You know the joke we make in a restaurant when you wait too long for a meal like: "Are they killing the chicken?!" Well, when you get as far west as western Sichuan, it is not a joke anymore. Aka: yesterday I had the freshest chicken possible.

Hiking along Three gorges of Yangtze: Into China's wild

The rain had been getting heavier and heavier. Noise of water pouring down from the sky and falling on the sheets of the roof almost concealed distant dog barks. I was almost sure I can hear the incoming steps. I tried to dig myself deeper in the dry grass I was lying on. They were coming for me, I was sure about it. I was about tospend the rest of my life in a Chinese prison. More >


They eat this type of mushroom here. Some may call it "明天見" or "see you tomorrow". It's because you will see it tomorrow ... on toilet :-).   See you tomorrow mushroom

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