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Mount Huangshan

Scenes from Chinese paintings really exist. It's immediatly obvious how and why the "scroll" format was established. Mount Huangshan.

Mount Huangshan

China: are those dogs?

It is not that easy to order a meal without Mandarin here in China. China is the first country I visited where language is a that huge obstacle. And, unlike in Europe, Chinese restaurants in China don't have pictures :-). So I choose randomly by price; sometimes it gets really funny. Well, I likely won't notice that I am eating a dog.

Dogs in China
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Shanghai skyline

Shanghai skyline

Singapore: food, food courts, and male problem

Food is an important feature of every day life in Singapore, it is actually a national passion. Most Singaporeans don't cook and eat out, even the poorest. This would be unthinkable in many as expensive and as wealth cities as Singapore. Yet, food can be very cheap in Singapore. There is quite interesting origin of the Singaporean food culture and food courts. More >

Convenience stores

Unlike in Korea and Japan the small convenience store chains like Lawson or Familymart haven't really taken off in China/Shanghai (yet?). They are ubiquitous, just no one is inside. The question is whether it is the high price or the culture of small household shops all around.

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