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There is so many smokers among Chinese. I haven't seen this anywhere around the world!

Smokers in China       Shanghai smokers

Shanghai skyline

Shanghai skyline

University of sport

I hoped to cure my frustration of being too tall with my under-average 183 cm by visiting Shanghai University of Sport. Finally, the tallest are as tall as I :-).

In fact, I didn't go that far to blow my trumpet. University of Sport is placed in a building which was built in 30s as part of a failed Kuomintang’s grand plan to construct a new city center. Seeing these three falling buildings is at least as interesting as seeing the new Pudong skyline of Shanghai.

Longtangs: unchanged face of Shanghai

A skinny boy with shiny Kalashnikov appeared from behind of a corner and headed towards me with an unbearable scream. His red scarf rippled in the gust of wind blowing against him. The noise and smell of the street was far behind me. I could immediately notice I am not welcomed in this place, I could see the determination in the boy's eyes. Fortunately the Kalashnikov was made in China. More >

Shanghai in the morning

Shanghai in the morning. It will be hard to get better than this. Challenge accepted :-).

Shangai in the morning

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