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How disappointed I was after arriving in Hangzhou.. Shanghai have impressed me though. And I don't get impressed easily anymore after seeing cities like Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Sydney, London, Paris...

Behind the Great Firewall of China

No Google, no Twitter, no Facebook. I am lost! If you want, you can follow me here on my web which is (for now) not blocked :-).

Thought on fast food in Asia

I just forcedly lunched at KFC in Kota Kinabalu airport, and I feel tricked. Fast food here in Asia so much doesn't make sense to me. It puzzles me that it still prospers. More >

Mount Kinabalu: one day climb in facts

Mount Kinabalu in the north of Borneo offers one of the most spectacular views to experience. It may not be easiest to find information as you cannot just come and start the hike. You must be accompanied by a guide and number of spots each day is very limited. Therefore most opt for a two-day climb organized by a tour agency. If you like doing things on your own you might find my experience useful. More >

Stories from my travels: how they thought I am a terrorist

Sir, what are you doing? Do you have a permit to do this? Are you Australian? When did you come to Australia? How long are you going to stay? Only here, in Melbourne or you are gonna travel around? Could you come with us? More >

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