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'Amerikana 3' - William Forsythe in Prague

Over past years National Theatre and State Opera in Prague have managed produce some wonderful peaces of ballet on its main stages. However, it seemed like modern production and modern dance doesn't really belong on these solemn and almost divine places. Such performances are usually left to small "New Stage". Except "Amerikana" - on the stage of State Opera recently premiered already next from the series of three inscenations.  More >

Why I don't lock my suitcase anymore

Interesting incident happened to me at Fiumicino airport near by Rome in Italy. I still don't know whether I should call it a happy ending or sad story. More >

Amsterdam in red lights

I love to see cities over night - it gives them certain unrepeatable atmosphere. Particularly in summer one can spend whole night there. More >

Sweden and Swedish

I got a great opportunity to shortly live, study and work in Sweden - I spent quite some time in Swedish cities, towns and villages.  More >

Korean cuisine, kimchi and all that stuff

Earlier I put together a short article discussing places you must see in Seoul. But I forgot to add one bullet...or rather more - that thousands great restaurants and food stalls around Seoul.  More >

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