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Ghost of Three gorges

It was a sad and silent moment. The man didn't move. He was returning home from far away, he was returning home but the path wasn't there anymore. Water took his house years ago. So he just stood there looking like a ghost. Or was it a ghost? [Three gorges of Yangtze river, China]

Sri Lanka: my tips

Darkness of the tunnel abruptly switched for strong dazzling light. Children took a while to realize we are out of the tunnel and ceased their high-pitched voices; the train went silent. I myself was speechless. My brain refused to accept what my eyes were seeing. The train was climbing up a mountain on a cliff hundreds of meters high. Under the cliff there was a huge waterfall.  Behind the sudden drop vast tea fields were spreading as far as an eye could see. "Welcome to Sri Lanka" I thought. This post is a collection of tips I jotted down throughout the trip. More >

Backpacking in China: before departure

There is a single thing you should do before you cross the Chinese borders. You will save hours. More >

Backpacking in China: solo travel

Are you just one? But you must have a Chinese friend, right? But... These questions I heard from a custom officer at Hangzhou airport at 1 am in the morning. I found it very awkward at the moment. It turned out to be exactly second question virtually every Chinese asked me. People were stopping me just to ask this question, in subway, in villages. More >

Xiaomi MI3: user experience and review

I brought a small souvenir from China: smartphone MI3. Flagship of currently raising company Xiaomi. After hard bargaining I got to price 1650 kwai including a case (i.e. roughly US$250). What can do a smartphone for price this low? More >

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