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Highway to Tibet: three hike suggestions

Western Sichuan is a vast mountainous area spreading at eastern part of Tibetan plane. The highest mountain scrapes the sky at 7556 meters. It is a rough part of the world sparsely populated and thanks to the earthquake in 2008 with bad infrastructure. Moreover it is closely watched by police and military due to Tibetan independence movement. Not many venture up there. More >

Climbing Great Wall of China: from Huanghuacheng to Mutianyu

Mindblowing. Incredible. Impossible. I stood on top of a collapsed watchtower built on a tip of a sharp rock. The contours and curves of the wall in distance were slowly fading away as the sun setted down. Cold breeze was washing my burning head. Burning from sun, burning from the experiences. I spent three days on the wall. As there is seldom information in English I tried to put together a description, map, GPS data, and tips in this blog post. More >

Backpacking in China: preserved food for hiking

Hiking possibilities in China are endless. Just the question is how to feed yourself on longer hikes. It sounds like a ridiculous problem but it is not easy to find suitable food for hiking, at least the kind I am used to eat on trails. I went to great lengths to explore all corners of supermarkets and markets to find anything good. More >

Backpacking in China: let's invade Scotland

The recent fuss about referendum deciding Scottish independence reminded me a discussion I happened to have with a random younger Chinese guy on a train from Chengdu to Xi'an about contemporary political issues. It was the most curious discussion. More >

From Europe to Asia or reverse for minimal price and with maximum experience

When travelling to Asia, flight is still the major expense. Unless you find special offer ahead of time you often still often end up paying around €700 for a direct flight. Moreover to fly only in one way is even less economical. So how to maximize what you get from your buck spent on transpor to China, Australia, or Southeast Asia? Try my way. More >

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