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Backpacking in China: Chinese pastimes

We all know Chinese for their hard work, struggle, calligraphy, and philosophy. We actually don't know much about China. No one would identify China with pure art as we know it in west, most westerners likely won't be even able to imagine a Chinese having free time. So what do they do? More >

Highway to Tibet: hitchhiking

A small compact appeared on the horizon and was swiftly drawing near to us. There hadn't been a single car for almost an hour. It was a moment to laugh. For the last two days I haven't seen an ordinary car but huge SUVs, caterpillars or 4wd transporters  with high chassis. A lama ran out of when the car eventually reached us. He raised his robe, squatted, and with a huge smile on his round face watched us.  More >

Highway to Tibet: big brother is watching

Three masked soldiers with machine guns stood in middle of the road. The message was clear, there was no need of words or signs: "Stop!" At least twenty military transporters bypassed us slowly ascending up to the west, towards the Tibetan part of Sichuan. Who knows where was their final destination.  More >

Highway to Tibet: rough life on top of the clouds

I reached 4500 meters after a half day hike. Yet, I still would be able to look up and see the mountain emerging to the sky only if I wasn't completely immersed in clouds. I was alone, or at least I believed that. Huge hawk emerged from the mist of the clouds above to remind me that I am never alone. I must have reassured myself: "I am too big for him." More >

Highway to Tibet: dancing with dogs

I was hunted. The dogs encircled me, it was six of them and they were pretty angry. Those were no ordinary town dogs afraid of each movement, these dogs were bread in the wild, they knew how to hunt, they worked as a group. I didn't dare to throw rocks anymore, it made them even more aggressive. There was no way to go. More >

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